" ... sensitive, accurate, whimsical, poetic or just comman sense. I was thrilled and delighted by it all ..."
Jean J. Andre Consultants  Ltd., Designer of "Cantigny"

Creativity Displayed ...

Creative, innovative, problem solving thinking combined
with years of people pleasing experience while using
standard tools to deliver outstanding products.

"...with the help of many and the indulgence of the city of Memphis...we , the management of Wonders, at the discretion of the designer Alexander Okun, award to Frank Smekar its highest honor for his remarkable ability, in just a matter of days, to recreate half of war torn Russia in the midst of the heart of the Pyramid exhibit hall....."
The Exhibition Staff and Colleagues,

What Makes Our Work Special?

Owner Frank Smekar writes, "I take the time to get to know you and your project, because the more I can "get in your head" and really understand how YOU feel about it, the better chance we have to please you at our completion."